According to the Obama Women, It Is Now Officially Sun dress and Sneaker Season

President Barack Obama and first lady Michelle Obama and daughters Malia and Sasha on August 21, 2016 in Washington, DC.

All those weeks of considering like it was taking eternally to heat up finally make sense; we were waiting for our former forever first family to give us the go-ahead on summer! (I kid, I kid—or do I?) Thankfully, like a groundhog prophesying the coming of spring, the first leaf to fall from a tree, or the unfortunately dry turkey your in-laws prepare each November, the Obamas have prompted us of the reason for the hottest season in no uncertain terms.
That reason? Sundresses and sneakers.

Yes, I say that in all sincerity, because the Obama women (well, at least Michelle and Sasha) just gave us all their administrative signature of a favorite warm weather fashion pairing. While vacationing in Europe this past week, the ladies were spotted wearing bright white kicks with their strappy, breezy dresses, and excuse me for the brevity of this post, because I clearly need to shop for a fresh set before seeing Michelle Obama next weekend at Essence Fest.
Yes, that was a not-so-humble-brag. And yes, I also really am going sneaker shopping now, so I can attempt to look half as fly as Sasha when I hit New Orleans next week. this sartorial season chic a new phenomenon? Of course not; some of us were first spotted rocking this look in the mid-’90s as a sign of our teenage angst and overall disrespect—and there may or may not have also been a baby tee involved, but I digress. Today, it’s just as effective as an easy, breezy, “living my best life after the White House” look that quickly conveys the profound respect for relaxation that summer and freedom from managing the free world should bring.
And I am about to copy it like wrote a bloody bestseller, took it on tour around the world and deserve a European vacation.
Before I do, a quick note on those kicks, which the Obamas pulled off with affordable ease. As reported by InStyle, Michelle is sporting a pair of classic Stan Smiths from Adidas ($80-$90) while Sasha opted for my own everyday fave, the Nike Cortez ($70), another pair of which may just make it into my shopping cart today. But truly, this is a look that also be easily fulfilled with Converse, Keds, or even Gucci if you’re in the market (though that may defeat that whole easy, breezy, whatever vibe).
But if you’re going to take a cue from our first ladies and rock sneakers with your sundress with this summer, the indefinite rules are to keep them low, monochromatic, and most of all, clean. Shoelaces are optional, but please recognise to wear a footie; sundress season shouldn’t perceive like anything but coconut oil and pheromones.
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