Trump's Hurricane Dorian Map Looks Pretty Suspicious

President Donald Trump discusses the path of Hurricane Dorian on

It’s well understood that Donald Trump doesn’t like to acknowledge he’s wrong, but personage may have gone to excessive lengths on Wednesday to protect his ego.
Meanwhile, a hurricane announcement, the US president showed an old weather map recommending Dorian occurred previously on record to hit Florida.
However, it resembled as if someone took a Sharpie pen to the map to draw a swoosh neighbouring southern Alabama. The alteration was presumably meant to correspond with an incorrect tweet the president posted on Saturday saying the typhoon was headed there (and which the National Weather Service had to correct in a tweet of its own)

The suspect mark quickly overtook the attention of various Twitter users.
Of course, soothing the president’s fragile ego comes at a price.
Journalists reaching out to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration about the president’s map didn’t get a comment. They got something more chilling.
HuffPost reached out to the White House press office, which did not immediately respond.
When a journalist asked Trump if he altered the weather map to include Alabama, he didn’t deny the accusation entirely.
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