કોરોના: ચીનના જુઠ્ઠાણાનો પર્દાફાશ, વુહાનમાં ઢગલાબંધ મૃતદેહોના અંતિમ સંસ્કારનો ધડાકો

How many deaths are caused by corona virus in China? the planet can't believe the figure the dragon put up. One study claims that China reduced the price in Wuhan by 10 times. The official price in Wuhan is 2,524. But research from Washington University and Ohio State University says 36,000 people died in Wuhan between January and March. The study is predicated on data from Wuhan cemeteries. consistent with the study, 24-hour funerals were being held in Wuhan cemeteries between January and March. This study has been published on medRxiv and has not been peer reviewed.

If there's nothing wrong then why such a fuss

According to China, Korona arrived in Wuhan in early January. But before that, in December 2019, the discussion of a disease like pneumonia had already started in Chinese medical forums. As January drew to an in depth , Wuhan's hospitals began to crumble. that they had 90 thousand beds, one lakh beds were provided in hotels and schools. But until then Beijing only showed the official figure of 33000. As of March 23, China had sent 42,600 doctors and doctors from the remaining locations in Wuhan. 90 thousand were already present there. But by March 23, China had shown only 50,000 cases.

The picture of this study is sort of scary

Both universities collected movement data at eight cemeteries in Wuhan. consistent with him, by January 25, the cremation would happen 24 hours each day . supported all the info , the researchers said that just before February, there have been 10 times more cases in Wuhan than China's official figures. The cemetery in Wuhan usually lasts four hours a day . consistent with the report, a city of 90 million people usually has 136 funerals per day. But consistent with the speed at which the funeral was happening there, 816 patients were cremated during a day. aside from this mobile cremation separately. consistent with the study, sometimes 2100 people died during a single day in Wuhan.

'China plays game in statistics'

Researchers also collected cell data from the ear bone. consistent with him, between January and March, he bought an estimated 36000 Earn. The study says that after collecting data from all Rorsis, it had been found that an estimated 36,000 people had died in Wuhan by March 23rd. Which is 10 times quite the official figure of 2524. consistent with the study, there have been 3,05,000 to 1.2 million cases of corona in China as of February 7. By then, 6,800 to 7,200 people had died. China's official figures showed only 13,600 infections and 545 deaths as of February 7.

ગુજરાતી મા વાચો

કોરોના: ચીનના જુઠ્ઠાણાનો પર્દાફાશ, વુહાનમાં ઢગલાબંધ મૃતદેહોના અંતિમ સંસ્કારનો ધડાકો કોરોના: ચીનના જુઠ્ઠાણાનો પર્દાફાશ, વુહાનમાં ઢગલાબંધ મૃતદેહોના અંતિમ સંસ્કારનો ધડાકો Reviewed by Naomi on June 13, 2020 Rating: 5

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